How we created impact on the life of shrimp farmers by incorporating cutting edge technologies.

Business Situation

Keeping farmer first the client wanted to have a model and strategy driven by big data and technology focused on delivering environmentally sound, sustainable and profitable farming solutions.

GrowYT Approach

  • Increased the flow of information, data driven study and strategy were prepared.
  • Digitised the aquaculture system while strongly focusing on solving real problems rather than perceived problems.
  • Integrated farmers wisdom with futuristic technology and provided them real time solutions to optimally utilize their resources, increase productivity and minimize losses.
  • Prepared AI-ML based models to provide microclimatic forecasts and accurate price and demand forecasts.
  • Infused state of the art Hyperspectral Imaging technologies to early detect diseases and stages of shrimps.
  • We developed go to market strategy driven by futuristic technology and Data & Analytics solutions.
  • Developed the smooth multilingual mobile application integrating all the above features bringing world to the tip of fingers.


  • Created a fair sustainable digital ecosystem by ensuring best prices and transparent payments for shrimp harvest, benefitting all stakeholders.
  • Developed a strong feedback mechanism and ensured real time solution to all through live customer support mechanism.

Benefits & Outcomes

  • Provided farmers with recommendations and assistance from aquaculture experts for optimal shrimp harvesting.
  • Enabled rational decision making by farmers enhancing yield, efficiency and profit.
  • Created a technology driven transparent ecosystem improving market linkage certainty and increasing value realisation for the farmers.

Key Takeaways

  • Using advances in technology, GrowYT builds a systematic value chain for shrimp farming businesses, resulting in an integrated and sustainable ecosystem to strengthen global food security in the future.